Aesthetic Dermatology Workshop Highlights
4D Face Lifting
Active Acne & Rosacea
Post-Acne Scars
Periorbital Laxity and Dark Circles
Lip Augmentation
Double Chin Reduction
Body Sculpting
Vein Treatment
Removal of Skin Tags and Warts
Carbon Peel for Nasal Pores
Underarm Whitening
Total Body Whitening
Tattoo Removal
Applied Physics: Same Wavelength, Multiple Applications
Cosmetic Gynecology 
Workshop Highlights
Vaginal Tightening
Vaginal Lightening
Laser Management of Perineal Scars and Lesions
Stress Urinary Incontinence
Showcase of Robotic Handpiece
Warts Removal
Erbium Non-invasive and Invasive Applications
Botulinum Toxin for Vaginismus
HA for Genital Rejuvenation
PRP in Genital Rejuvenation
Clitoris Hood Reduction
Labiaplasty Minora

9 March 2019

Aesthetic Dermatology

This full-day workshop, by internationally-known LAHA Workshop Facilitators and Speakers, will cover advanced laser techniques in Aesthetic Laser Dermatology. It comprises demonstrations, hands-on treatment and panel discussions on protocols, parameters settings and outcomes.

10 March 2019

Cosmetic Gynecology

An intensive full day workshop by world renowned laser experts, providing presentations, demonstrations and supervising hands-on workshops or special appointments for 1 to 1 focused skill learning sessions can be arranged with extremely a fee.

Join this surgical cosmetic gynecology led by world-renowned Dr. Ayman El Attar and Dr. Jamila Atawaz. The courses will cover invasive procedures to achieve optimal results. View more details about topics in the program special one-to-one skill learning sessions can be managed by appointment.

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