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Dubai has become a vibrant and modern city of superlatives. The visitor can indulge in fine dining at seven star restaurants, or commune with nature in the desert or visit the tallest building in the world and see the famous dancing fountains.  There are no barriers to the range of experiences one can have. From sky diving to snow skiing and from surfing the sea to surfing the dunes it is all possible within the great Emirate of Dubai.  For a first time visitor, a trip to the Dubai Mall and the Palm Jumeirah is a must.  Five star hotels like the Atlantis and other theme parks offer an experience that cannot be matched elsewhere. With a friendly staff doing everything possible to make the visitor comfortable, the experience becomes unforgettable. 


For the shopaholic, the variety of malls in such a small city is unbelievable. From the Mall of the Emirates to Marina Mall, there are too many to mention in a single breath. For example, Ibn Battuta Mall allows the visitor to see five great civilizations in one venue. China, India, Egypt, Persia and North Africa are beautifully presented in a uniquely decorated sections that transport the visitor back to the times of the great explorer whose name the Mall carries. Offering great values in shopping, it is also a must see destination. Dubai offers endless shopping in charming and glamorous settings, from Gold Souq to Mercato and the Dubai Mall.   


For the Gourmet, Dubai offers an incredible range of cuisines from all over the world. The dining experience can become a once in a lifetime affair. From traditional Steak houses to fabulous buffets the visitor can experience the flavors of all continents from India, China and Africa to North and South America as well as Australia. Don't forget the fresh seafood. Dubai enjoys nature's bounty in a great selection of fresh fish, crabs and shrimp caught daily.  There is no shortage of choices and depending on your budget you can find great value in any dining experience. 

So unpack your enthusiasm, plan your trip carefully and be prepared to be amazed.


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